Hydro-Pure Microgreens

Producer of Living Microgreens

Learn About "Hydro-Pure"

Hydro-Pure takes fresh produce to a whole new level. Our vertical grow room, located in Louisa Co., supplies local restaurants, small local grocery stores and farmer’s markets with the finest quality heirloom varieties of microgreens, petite greens, and exotic herbs 100% PURE and Pesticide Free.

Hydro- Pure's cutting edge innovative in-hydro technologies allow us to take farming into the 21st century and enable us to grow super healthy 100% Pure and Pesticide Free plants in a completely controlled, self-sustainable environment. Plants are fed a 100% PURE H2O diet, and are nurtured in a totally stress-free environment, just like nature intended.

Hydro-Pure's “The Vertical Farm” living microgreens, petite greens, and exotic herbs are delivered to our friends with roots attached to insure freshness - either in our “Living Trays” or retail packaging. Our produce stays fresh in our easy-to maintain living trays for days. Untouched plant roots keep our plants alive and ready to be harvested on demand – truly “farm to fork”.

Hydro-Pure's vision: creating a stable supply of living produce, intelligently
grown in our peaceful environment, ready to feed an urban consumer with no negative impacts on the environment nor the consumer. We are a small vertical farm greenery that takes pride in our one-to-one relationship with our friends/clients. Our hands-on approach allows us to ensure you will always get the very best quality that nature has to offer.

Hydro-Pure's living micros have taken the game to the next level. The flavor impact of herbs trimmed from a living state 10 seconds before they are used can not be overstated. The nutritional value is unmatched, the visual appeal is gorgeous, and the cost is next to nothing. All this while still being both local and sustainable. Nothing short of revolutionary

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